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DAM R/C Flight Simulator Scene
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Using DAM as an RC Flight Simulator

While DAM gives you the ability to create your own
models and fields, some users prefer to stick to the flight
simulator side of DAM, and let others make the models
and fields! This video tutorial shows just how simple it is
to load models and flying fields and practice your radio
control flying skills in DAM.
Building a Quick Wing

Dam includes powerful tools to create your own models
and fields. For the power users, this tutorial lets you
watch as Greg shows you how to quickly build and
texture a wing with ailerons.
Link to DAM Video Tutorial
Link to DAM Video Tutorial
Getting a Model from the User Page

A short tutorial showing how to download a model from
the Digital Aircraft Modeler web site's user page and take
it flying.
3D CAD RC Flight Simulator
Building a Foamy Yak

Foamies are the simplest airplanes to build both in the
real world and in the digital world. This tutorial series
takes you step by step through building, texturing and
flying a complete foamy airplane.
Using Parts Bin to Build a Model

The Parts Bin feature introduced in version 1.7, is an
absolutely elegant and easy way to build your models.
Quick-Select Window

Many DAM users asked for a simple way to take their
favorite models to the fields to fly them. This feature
introduced in version 1.7 is our answer.
"D" Method for Drawing a Fuselage

This is my favorite method to create fuselages with
perfect bilateral symmetry. These 4 videos total about 40
minutes, and show this method in great detail.

This is what the building side of DAM is all about!
Calibrating your Controller

Before you can fly, you must tell DAM about your
controller. This tutorial lets you watch as the program is
set up with a dual shock controller.

The method is the same regardless of controller type.