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The Geoffrey de Havilland design
used a pusher prop so the pilot didn't
shoot his own propeller off!

The open cage design and extensive
rigging makes for an extremely
interesting DAM R
C flight simulator
aircraft. It is also an extremely
aerobatic flyer!
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P51D Mustang

A great flying digital DAM RC flight
simulator aircraft of this classic fighter
and long range escort. Perhaps the
most recognizable and popular aircraft
of WWII.

Visit the
Blog article to see a larger
Yuneec E430

Great eye appeal in a modern
design makes this electric powered
V-Tailed composite aircraft a thing
of beauty as it sails across the sky.
A very interesting recent Chinese

There is a larger pic in the
DAM Trike!

Who hasn't dreamed about drifting
around the sky in a hanging trike?

This digital aircraft was inspired by the
Redback by Airborne of Australia.

Check out the
blog article on this
Beechcraft Sierra

Here is a fun flying digital version
of the iconic personal and small
business aircraft from the 70's.

This DAM R
C flight simulator plane
has a rough cockpit layout to give
you something to admire as it rolls
by on takeoffs and landings!
Cessna Skymaster

This distinctive twin boom, twin
engine tractor-pusher design from
1965 is an all time favorite.

The digital airplane presents a
magnificent and highly recognizable
silhouette in the sky.

Bede BD-5J

The lightest jet aircraft in the world,
in the color scheme used in the
James Bond movie Octopussy!

Read more about the jet aircraft in
blog article.
Coke Plane

This is the first creation of Chuck B.
His focus on graphics is evident in the
nicely detailed model.

This one is easy to fly, and a good
first aerobatic model.
Fokker DR1

This is the second submission from
Chuck B. The construction of this
model is fabulous.

Wait until you see the attention to
detail in the cockpit, and the
wonderful way he built the wings!

For a bigger pic, check out the blog
User's Aircraft and Fields
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Version 2.0 and up:
Page 4, Page 5

Below you will find links to DAM RC flight simulator aircraft and fields that have been
created by DAM users. Each file comes complete with all textures and sounds required. To
download, right click on the picture and choose "Save Target". Save to a suitable location.

After downloading, simply unzip the file into its own folder. When you run DAM, select
"Open" and navigate to the folder where you unzipped the file. You will see the file you
want to load.