Sunday Flyer Software, LLC is a small company in NE Ohio. Our lives, and
our passions surround two activities, building and flying Radio Control
Aircraft, and Programming 3D Software. We have been flying RC Models
since the early days of radio control, and writing 3D CAD Imaging and Editing
Software nearly as long.

After purchasing and using the RC flight simulators that were available, we
found ourselves disappointed with the fact that we could not build our own
digital models. In the RC hobby, half of the fun is building the models, and
half is in flying them. Our unique skill sets and experience could not allow us
to settle for a digital version of our hobby that only included half of the joy.
We began work, building a program that would fill in the other half.

Digital Aicraft Modeler is the result of this effort. We wrote this program for
our own use and enjoyment. We use it almost every day. It is our hope that
everyone who uses the program will enjoy it as much as we do.

Our business plan is simple. We will continue to develop DAM's features and
capabilities. Our goal is to provide ourselves and all of our users with a fun,
challenging, rewarding digital RC playground where each and every one of
us can build and fly models according to our unique vision.

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