New Big-N-Easy Trainer

You have asked for it, and here it is.

I just put a couple of new models on the user pages, the Big-N-Easy and its smaller cousin the Small-N-Easy. These two models are absolutely the easiest, most predictable flying models in DAM’s fleet so far.

At the real field you may have noticed that size matters. The larger models tend to be easier to fly. There are a few logical reasons for this. One, the wing loading tends to be a little lower, making the model more stable at slow speeds. Two, the large models make larger movements, making it easier to make adjustments during the manuever. And Three, the large models are just plain easier to see, even at greater distances.

These two models show this quite well. You will notice that although both models are extremely predictable and easy to fly, the larger one is a little easier!

Go to the User Model Pages and you’ll find these two new models.

Good Digital Flying!

Sunday Flyer Software, LLC

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