Custom Sounds

After we put the Halloween theme field on the user’s model pages, we received questions about how we made the laughing sounds for the pumpkins and the giggling for the witch. I use an open source sound recording and editing software called Audacity. It does an excellent job for what we need.

DAM can use stereo files and still calculate doppler and volume vs distance effects, but if you also want left to right positional hints in the audio, you cannot use stereo. When you make your custom sounds, save them in mono, and save them as .wav files.

Now when you select an object and right click it, choose “Sound”. In the window that opens, go to your new sound and load it. Now choose the new sound from the loaded list. You’ll see a check mark appear beside it. Don’t forget to click on the “Object has sound” button. You can also adjust the frequency, repeat, choose random with max time interval, and more.

If you want to try Audacity, go to their website.

If you have another sound software that you like, let the rest of us know in a comment!

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