DAM Nieuport 28

DAM Nieuport 28
I just finished and uploaded a model of the Nieuport 28 to the website user’s area. This is a classic military plane from the World War I. There are two Nieuport 28’s that are very famous, the one flown by Eddie Rickenbacher (AKA the “ace of aces”), and the one flown by Quentin Roosevelt (the son of President Theodore Roosevelt). The model I just finished is decorated like Roosevelt’s plane.

I had this model “finished” a couple of days ago, and got it ready to upload. Then I noticed that I had forgotten to add the guns. When I added them, I noticed that I had also forgotten to put in the guy wires for the flying surfaces. I immediately took time to put them in.

The addition of the guns and wires made a tremendous difference in my satisfaction with the model. I really liked it before, but with these two simple details, I was even happier! The moral of the story for me is to always take time for the details. They really make a huge difference.

You can find the DAM Nieuport 28 on page 2 in the user’s area.

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