Dramatic RC Pilot Viewpoint

When you make a new model and take it to the flying field, your view of the model is from the default pilot’s position.

DAM Default Field Pilot Position

This is the view of the new model Nieuport 28 as you will see when you download and open the model. The default view of the model is not very exciting. This is especially true when the model is not very large. But you can change it! Compare the default view with this altered view.

DAM Modified Field Pilot Position

Wow! This viewpoint is MUCH more dramatic!

Imagine your takeoffs and landings from this view position. They look absolutely amazing!

It is easy to change the pilot’s view position. If you take the model to a flying field, you can simply tap the keys on the number pad. The 1 and 3 keys move you up and down. The 4 and 6 keys move you left and right. And the 7 and 9 keys move you in and out. Note that you can also enter the position in coordinates if you want to. The position gadgets are on the “Field Eye Position” tab in the model properties. (You find the model properties window by choosing “Options” from the dropdown menu arrow on the “Model” button in the “Space Type” panel.)

When you change the pilot’s view position and save the file, the new view position is remembered next time you load the model. Each model has it’s own pilot’s view position. So open your favorite model now and see what a difference your pilot’s view position can make. When you find a position that fits the model, go back to the editor and re-save the model. You will find yourself looking at the model in the new position every time you take this particular model to the field!

Good digital modeling!
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