3 View Plans

I decided to work on a Beechcraft Sierra. My usual work routine is to use Google to search for a 3-view drawing that I can work with. I load the drawing into the sketches in DAM, and use them to trace the aircraft shapes. I can then extrude and revolve the polygons into mesh objects with shapes that are very similar to the original aircraft.

I am so impressed with one of the sites that came up in Google, that I have to share. The site is a veritable treasure trove of 3-view aircraft drawings. I ended up spending a couple of hours looking through the images. There are enough aircraft there to keep us busy for years!

Take a look by clicking here. I think you will find the 3-view you are looking for.

By the way, I’m about half done with the Sierra. I’ll post it as soon as it is done.

Good Digital Modeling!

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