DAM 2.0 – The Battle Is ON!

As you know, at Sunday Flyer Software we’ve been hard at work on the new version of Digital Aircraft Modeler. Well, I’m proud and excited to say it’s finished! This is a MAJOR version release. So what’s new? Literally too much to talk about in this article. But I’ll mention (ok, brag about) a few highlights…

Control Objects

The new control objects fundamentally change the way animation occurs in the DAM environment. In the easiest form, you create a line in space and tell the program to create a control object where the line is. You edit the new control object and make it a rotation object. Now you assign ANY OTHER OBJECT to the control object, and it will rotate as instructed by the control object around the axis defined by the line’s position. There are lots of types of control objects besides rotation. I’ll leave it to you to look. Prepare to be amazed :)

And to give you as much power as possible to bring your creative ideas to life, the control objects can be hierarchically linked! In plain English, they can be assigned to other control objects. Ad infinitum. Very powerful. And very very cool.

Autonomous Objects

One special type of Control Object is an autonomous object. It can be a ground type, or air type. As you may have guessed, any objects assigned to this control object will move independent of any input. It’s like they have a mind of their own.

Trucks that drive themselves around the terrain. Planes and saucers that fly around the sky.

You can specify envelop parameters, like min/max speed, altitude, etc. You can draw an entire vehicle and, well — give it a brain:) This gives you something to shoot. Did I say shoot? Yup. Read on.

Weapons – Weapons – Weapons!

This is the NUMBER ONE REQUESTED NEW FEATURE. Apparently almost every DAM user wants to shoot stuff. Well, we’ve answered your requests. You can now draw a gun, and a bullet, and put the bullet in the gun. You assign them to control objects that look for button or keyboard presses to know when to fire. You specify the muzzle velocity and rate of fire. You specify the range. You can even assign the sound the bullet makes when it fires, flies and hits its target. You can also assign images to be used for the muzzle flash, flight (as in tracers) and impact/explosion. Oh, you can also assign a smoke image for where the bullet strikes. The result is an enormously flexible system for creating nearly anything you can imagine.

The gun can be placed on your model. As you fly you can fire the gun by pressing the button or key you have specified.

You can also draw a MISSILE and hang it on your plane. You control all aspects of the missile, like range, thrust, and all imagery and sounds. You can also specify the missile to be HEAT SEEKING, to dramatically improve your hit ratio.

You can also draw BOMBS, hang them on your plane, and drop till your heart’s content and of course, ’till your enemy’s dead.

You’ll find a new “Weapons” folder in the Parts Bin that has completed weapons you can add to any model and edit to just the right stuff. It’s couldn’t be simpler.

Game Modes

So your model can be outfitted with weapons. And you can have autonomous objects running around and flying in your fields. I’m sure you’ve already guessed what we did next. We made sure the autonomous objects can carry guns and shoot at you. And of course you can shoot at them. It all adds up to a fun and challenging game environment where you have complete control. DAM 2.0 allows you to specify a number of levels of game play for each field. The goal of each level is to destroy all enemy in that level before they destroy you. You can tell each autonomous object which level(s) it will appear in. You can put less aggressive AO’s in the early levels and more agressive AO’s in the later levels. In addition, DAM 2.0 upgrades the speed and weapon capability as the levels increase. DAM 2.0 also allows you to specify a playing level of NOOB, YEOMAN or EXPERT each time you start the game.

The result of all of this is when you design your flying field, you can now design your own game. You can make it as hard or as easy as you like. You can view a short video of DAM 2.0 gameplay by clicking here.

Cad Based RC Simulator

With all of the new features, we haven’t forgotten the original intent. DAM 2.0 is still one of the top RC flight simulators out there. You can build your own models and fields, and practice your flying skills. One thing that I’ve noticed is that avoiding enemy incoming and shooting down all the enemy is a terrific way to polish your flying skills.

Download And Try It Now

You can go to our download page and get a fully functional install package now. It will allow you to run the program 20 times. DAM requires a compatible graphics card. The try-before-you-buy approach allows you to make sure your hardware supports it before you decide to get the program.

Make sure you come back to this blog in the near future. We’ll be adding lots of how-to articles. And don’t forget to check out the website in the next couple of weeks. We’re putting together a couple of demo videos of the program in game play**. We’ll also be adding models and fields you can download and use.

** Editor’s note: we finished the video – click here.

Good Digital Flying – and Fighting!
Greg Gorby
Sunday Flyer Software

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3 Responses to DAM 2.0 – The Battle Is ON!

  1. Chuck says:

    I glad you were able to finish the upgrade. I wish to know how I can go about the getting the upgrade without causing a conflict with the current Dam program. This really looks cool and can’t wait to give it a try.

  2. Chuck says:

    Hey Greg,
    Just tried downloading Dam 20 but I’m concerned that I have to remove previous version, will I still be able to access my files from the previous version or will they be lost?

  3. Greg says:


    Don’t worry, version 2.0 will read all previous version files. You can actually tweek the flight parameters with the new glide and inertia variables to get a little closer to the way you want them to fly. Remember, if for some reason you decide not to upgrade to 2.0, you can always uninstall it and reinstall the latest 1.x. If you don’t still have the latest 1.x install package, it is available on the website. The uninstall of 2.0 is supposed to leave all your original work fles alone, but I’d suggest you make copies of them and put them in a folder in your My Documents just in case. Also note that version 1.x will not read version 2.0 files.

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