Classic Battle Field

As promised, here is a battle field that features the Classic Saucers. Imagine you are in the classic ’56 film. The Saucers even make a sound very much like in the movie.

We’ve set this field to have only 6 levels of game play. As you may expect, the levels start easy and get progressively harder. As the levels increase, not only are there more enemy, but they also have more speed, and their weapons have higher fire rates.

After you fail to finish all 6 levels with your stock planes, try increasing your model’s speed by increasing the motor’s RPM. Another thing you can do to help is increase your gun’s muzzle velocity. Still not happy? Try increasing your missile’s thrust and burn time. Decreasing the missile’s “Launch Delay” will also increase the rate of fire of the missles. (You probably shouldn’t go below about 0.2, which is 5 missiles per second!)

Download the Classic Battle Field Now

You can download these new field weapons from Page 4 of the User’s Area.

Sunday Flyer Software

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