DAM 2.1 Now Available

December 21, 2012 (yep, we’re still here!)

At Sunday Flyer Software we have been playing with DAM 2.0 almost non-stop since its release. After all, the Mayan calendar says the world is going to end today, right? Well, just in case they are wrong, we noticed a couple of things that could have been friendlier, and decided to add them now. This is a minor upgrade with a few fixes and modifications.

The new version is DAM 2.1 build 7220.12315 and is available on the download page of the website now. It includes the following changes.

Top Scores

You may have noticed that your top score was not being remembered. This was because we forgot to create the “TopScores” folder during installation. The 2.1 install package now creates this folder. You’ll now be able to compare your new scores with your previous scores as intended.

Flap and Auxiliary Sliders

The flap and auxiliary sliders on the virtual controller have been modified to work properly. If the controls were assigned to any channel when calibrating your joystick, there was no way to remove that assignment for a different joystick. To fix this we added two new gadgets to the Joystick Calibration window to allow you to remove prior assignments. Once you have unassigned them, you can use the mouse to move the sliders, or you can use the keyboard. Many of the current models are designed to have flaps. The auxiliary slider is useful for other actions. One that I’ve played with is variable-sweep wings, like those on the Dassault Mirage, the Australian F-111, Tornado F3, and many others. We’ll create one of these aircraft and distribute on the User’s Model Pages sometime soon. If you beat us to it, don’t forget to submit it for others!

Shown is the Beechcraft Sierra with flaps extended. The virtual interface (bottom right) has the flap slider shown in red as the mouse adjusts its position. The auxiliary slider is just to the right of the flap slider.

Autonomous Object

You may have tried to add “wheels” to your autonomous ground vehicles. In 2.0 if you chose to rotate objects assigned to an autonomous object relative to velocity (ie create wheels), the velocity of the model was used instead of the velocity of the AO. This has been fixed. It is now possible to make the wheels on your AO’s rotate relative to their speed. We’ll create one and publish it to the user’s area soon that you can examine to see how this can be done. Again, you don’t have to wait for us. You can create your own and send it in for others to enjoy.

Shown is the Truck autonomous object. You can see the wheel control object as a red line protruding from the center of the tire.

Camera Shake

When there are a large number of incoming, the camera shake could become huge! It became impossible to see which way was up. This became obvious in the “Classic Field” available in the user’s area. Some of those saucers can shoot 6 rounds per second! This has been fixed so you don’t become quite so disoriented.

User Model Sharing

In 2.0, if you want to share your aircraft or field, you needed to find out which textures and sounds were in use. This could be a daunting task. We added a new save option that finds all of the textures and sounds in use and saves them along with the DAM drawing to a folder you specify. This makes it much easier to share your aircraft or field. You’ll find the new save option under the Web item on the main menu dropdown list. To use it, create a new folder and save there. You will find the DAM drawing and all required files. After the save is complete, go to the folder in windows explorer. Select all of the files. Right click on the drawing and select “Send to” then “Compressed (zipped) Folder”. When the zip file is created you can rename it to anything you like, but do not change the file type (.zip). This is the file you can send when you share the aircraft or field.

Shown is the new save option location.

That’s all for now.

Good Digital Flying – and Fighting!
Greg Gorby
Sunday Flyer Software

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3 Responses to DAM 2.1 Now Available

  1. Robert Dunn says:

    I downloaded the zip file but Windows 8 gives a messeage “File not found” I cannot extract the program. Any suggestions?

  2. Robert Dunn says:

    Does DAM allow for printing of plans? What file format is used?

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