Battle Field Castle

This is a modified version of Battle Field 1. We’ve modified the terrain with a couple of new tools available in the soon to be released DAM version 2.2. The new version will be available very soon, so keep an eye out. As always, we’ll announce it’s release here on the blog as soon as it is ready, which may be as early as tonight!

The new terrain is a LOT more detailed than we usually make (more polygons) so it needs more graphical power from your graphics card. If you notice the frame rate on the field is lower than you are used to, this is part of the reason. You can always edit the terrain and reduce the number of polygons. You’ll find we used an angular division of 180 and radial division of 60. This makes for 10800 cells in the terrain, and since there are 2 triangles per cell, 21600 polygons. On my GTX460 this is not a problem, but on my 10 year old dell desktop, the frame rate is a little slow. The terrain actually looks pretty good using as low a resolutino as 36×12, but there are far fewer details.

If you edit this terrain in a version previous to 2.2, you won’t be able to get exactly the same results, since part of the contour is from a height map, new to version 2.2.
See if you can land in the court, and take off again. You may need to taxi up to the wall and turn to give yourself a long run before takeoff. It’s also fun to fly around the turrets, as close as you can get without hitting them. You might notice that you can fly through a couple of them without crashing (the collision flag is not set).

Check it out in the User’s Area.

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