New Release – DAM 2.3

We just published a new release to the website. DAM 2.3 is a minor release with a few fixes and additions.

Flame Direction

Some of the jet aircraft use smoke settings that make the smoke particles appear to be flames. The “flame” particles move as if they are smoke. We added a new option in the smoke properties window.

If you turn this on, the “flame” particles will appear lined up with the long axis of the aircraft, the typical behavior of a jet exhaust.

Muzzle Flash

You specify the image you want for a muzzle flash when a gun fires. You also specify how long it is visible along with how it changes over time. However, the position of the muzzle flash image was not tracking properly with the gun when the gun was part of the aircraft. This has been fixed. While we were in these functions, we added a routine that makes sure the muzzle flash image is visible for at least one frame, even if you specify a time that expires before the first frame is shown. This means you will always see the muzzle flash image at least once.

Bomb and Missile Alignment

You may have noticed that the missiles and bombs align with their direction of travel. You may have also noticed that if the aircraft is standing still on the ground when these weapons are released, they immediately align with the direction as intended. However, the direction at the immediate time of release is straight down. this looks very unnatural. We have added a time delay to the alignment functions for a much more natural alignment behavior.

Wheel Rotation

We are just finishing a new F-14 Tomcat. The aircraft has tricycle gear. The nose wheel is smaller than the main wheels. When taxiing, it should rotate faster than the main wheels. The rotation control is in the wheel control object, and can be specified (as a diameter) for each wheel. However, there was a global variable that only used the first wheel found in the aircraft for this diameter. This has been fixed. Each wheel can now rotate at the speed specified in the control object for that wheel.

Retract Time

The retract time is specified in the model definitions window under “retract time”. It is the time required for the landing gear to retract or extend. The time being entered in the window was being over ridden by a fixed value of 1 second. This has been fixed so you can now properly specify the retract time.

You can download the new release from the download page.

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