DAM 3.1 Adds Precipitation

Version 3.0 rounded out the field graphics with a wonderful new ocean and depth based fog. But there was one major feature that I didn’t get to in time for the release.

Wouldn’t it be great to be flying low, firing your missiles at the enemy, and suddenly it starts to rain? Yes, it would. So I spent the last couple of weeks implementing just that. And this isn’t just a few overlapping screens with images of rain. This is a full particle system, where you assign an image of a single rain drop to the particle generator, tell it how dense the rain is, and how fast it is falling. In addition, you tell it to scale 3 percent of the rain particles to a massive size and use them to obscure the background. The result is a convincing rain simulation!

I modeled a field to show off the new rain particle system. Here are a few pics from that field.

The Precipitation Particle system is flexible. For instance you can change the parameters so the rain particles look like snow.

I’ve released a new version that includes the precipitation feature. The install package 3.1 also includes the new field you see in the pics. It is called “Big BattleField With Precip”, and is in the list of fields available from the quick select window when the program opens.

Download your copy of DAM Version 3.1 from the download page on the website.

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