DAM 4.0 is Ready!

The install file for DAM 4.0 was uploaded to the website on 10/25/13. It is a full version number upgrade, and includes improvements and new features.

DAM 4.0 image

DAM 4.0 image with healing station in the distance

Here are a few of my favorite new features.

Earned Objects

This is a diverse new class of features and weapons. During game play you are able to earn the right to use them by increasing your points, or by surviving for a set time.
During game play they appear as buttons on the right side of the screen. Depending on their setting, as time passes, or your points increase, they slide in from outside the screen. They cannot be used until they are fully extended. They are not free to use. You need to increase your points until you have enough to pay for using them. When they are ready to use their button is fully extended.
You can hover over the button to see which key is associated with the object.
When you use one, it needs time to become available again, and of course, is only available if you have enough points to pay for it.

DAM Earned Objects

DAM Earned Object Buttons

DAM 4.0 includes 9 earned object types:

DAM GoBack Gadget
GoBack – Suppose that on level 8 you were on pace for a new record, but now on level 9, you’ve blown it, and the game is going in the dumpster. If you want, you can use the GoBack button to return to a previous level and start from there.

DAM Diversion FlaresGadget
Diversion Flares – When the enemy has a heat seeker lock on you, you can release diversion flares to distract the incoming missile. That is, if you are fast enough.

DAM Power Weapons Gadget
Power Weapons – Turn on the Power Weapons object and your bullets and missiles will fly faster and farther, helping you when the enemy is very fast or far away.

DAM Cloak Gadget
Cloak – Turn on the Cloak and the enemy can’t see you while you fly up behind him and take him out.

DAM Pulse Weapon Gadget
Pulse Weapon – This is a limited use super powerful pulse weapon that hits all enemy on the field simultaneously.

DAM Turbo Mode Gadget
Turbo Mode – While this is on your aircraft can fly much faster.

DAM Shields Gadget
Shields – Protects your aircraft from incoming fire. While this is on, you cannot use your weapons. Very useful when you have only one hit left, and are trying to get to a healing station.

DAM TimeWarp Gadget
Time Warp – Slows time down. Helpful when you are in a lot of action, because it gives you more time to think!

DAM Portal Gadget
Portal – creates a “doorway” in two locations on the field. You fly into one doorway and you come out of the other, often far away from the first.

Designing your own Earned objects is easy. They are created in the editor like any other control object. They obey the visibility settings, so you can turn them on or off on different levels of game play. I’ll try to write an article soon with step by step instructions on how to create basic earned objects.

Damage Objects

DAM Damage Objects

DAM Damage Control Objects at work

As damage to your aircraft accumulates, parts become loose, vibrate, and even fall off of the model. You might also notice the controls may get sluggish. You may also lose your gun or missiles!

Healing Objects

When you are in danger of losing the game, or if you just want to get your lost weapons back, look for a healer object. If there is one in the field, you can land and taxi up close to it to repair your aircraft. It’s not free, so you should have some points built up before you go to a healer.

Cinematic Transitions

Your game experience is enhanced with automatic camera pans and zooms on entry to and exit from each level. You also get a panned view when you crash.

Game Save

You can now save the state of your game at the beginning of each level. When you have a great game going, and need to stop for the day, just save the game at the current level. You can resume play at the beginning of that level the next time you play

Enemy Detail Zoom

DAM Detail Zoom

DAM Detail Zoom lets you see far away enemy aircraft.

Most air battles happen with the enemy at some distance from your aircraft. They may be only a few pixels wide on the screen! We enhance your game experience by showing a zoomed view of the enemy when you get a lock on them.

Enemy Heat Seekers

The enemy now have heat seeking missiles and ammo! You can set their weapons to fire up to 100% heat seekers. When you have been locked onto by an enemy heat seeker, you will get both a visual and audible alert. You can either hide behind something, try to out fly the incoming, or release diversion flares to attract the attention of the incoming ordinance away from your aircraft.

Multiple Object Texture Apply, Color Change

You can now assign textures to multiple objects. If you have applied your textures to your aircraft one object at a time in previous versions, you’ll appreciate the new ability. You can also change the color of multiple objects at the same time.

DAM 4.0 will recognize your DAM 2.0 / 3.0 license. Just uninstall your previous version, and install the new one. The new version will find your old keys.

I’ll try to write a few blog articles about using the new features in DAM Version 4.0 over the next few weeks. As usual, when the articles are published, I’ll send an email to those of you who have asked to be kept informed. If you haven’t asked, please do so on the keep informed web page.

Download DAM Version 4.0 today from the download page on the website.

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