Adding a Model to Quick-Select Window

So you have just downloaded the new version 1.7, and like how easy it is to use the Quick-Select Window. Now you see the new ICON Inspired model and download it. I assume you like the model and want to add it to the model list you see in the Quick-Select Window.

Icon Inspired Model

The new ICON Inspired model

It’s EASY! Here it is step-by-step.

  • Download the new model from the user area to whatever folder you are using on your hard drive for DAM models.
  • Go to that folder and unzip the model. (The folder that is created will have the model and its support files.)
  • Start DAM.
  • Dismiss the Quick-Select Window (assuming you have it set to open) and go to the editor.
  • Select Open from the menu or the icons.
  • Navigate to your new file and double click it.
  • You should now see the new model in your editor window.

  • Click the dropdown menu arrow on the Quick Select Window button
  • Choose “Manage Quick Select Library Entries”
  • You will see the Quick Start Selection Manager window open

  • Click on the “Use Current Workspace” button
  • You will see the preview of the workspace. If you don’t like the orientation of the model in the preview, you can click in the main window, rotate/zoom to the view you like, then click on the “Use Current Workspace” button again.

  • Enter a description for the new entry in the large text gadget.
  • Enter the name you wish this model to have in the Quick-Select Window
  • Click the “Add” button.
  • Click the “Done” button.
  • Now when the program starts, or anytime you open the Quick-Select Window, you will see the new entry listed with the other models in the Quick Select Library.


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